Grandfather Economic Report series
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Foreign Trade & International Debt Report
- summary page -
(updated July 2011)
by Michael Hodges - email
- a chapter of the Grandfather Economic Reports -

I am concerned about the economic & national security  future of our youth
- and their increased reliance on debt and foreign interests -

This is a mini-report about America's increasing dependence on international trade, its poor performance and reliance on savings from other nations instead of its own, causing accelerating debt and asset transfer in favor of foreign interests. Presented in an easy-to-understand format with data pictures, this report is a chapter of the Grandfather Economic Reports series showing various negative challenges facing families and their children, compared to prior generations.

more dollars fllying out of the USAThis is the summary page of the chapter on international trade and debt, with 5 graphics. The main trade report with 16 picture graphics is linked at the bottom of this page.

QUESTION: Do our children & grandchildren deserve to be placed in a reduced international position with less independence from foreign interests than we inherited from our parents and grandparents? Would that make us proud? Are their future living standards and national security threatened by an economy that is more dependent on domestic and foreign debt, consuming more than we produce and with fewer foreign reserves backing up each citizen than others?