Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 36 -

Lights 'On', or 'OFF'?Welcome

to the


Each time you flip a switch, turn up the heat, turn on the cooking gas,
You're sure that oil, gas, electricity will flow - - whatever comes to pass.

THINK AGAIN! - - I don't like to bring you news that sounds so much like trouble
(Politicians don't seem to care, or dare - - so I must break your bubble).

Here's the story, loud and clear - - painful to discover,
Inexpensive oil and gas are GONE - - disappeared forever.

"What? - - Have you gone crazy? - - Something gnawing at your head?
"The Government's never warned us of such miseries ahead!"

Politicians don't like to give people news they've always dreaded.
(That's why just-defeated kings shout, "Have the messenger beheaded!")

Don't blame me! I don't MAKE the news! So, please calm down and listen.
If you get your news from talk-show hosts - - there's plenty that you're missing'.

As our population grows by millions, so does our appetite,
We need more gas, more oil for fuel - - and more electric light.

Problem is - - as number grow, fuel supplies are going DOWN.
The painful truth is - - we're face-to-face with an energy showdown.

We now import 62% of all the oil we use.
Depending on foreign sources is a slowly burning fuse.

Years and years and years ago it was plain for all to see.
That we were incubating a case of scarcer energy.

Yet, very few in Congress seemed to care or have perception
All their energies seemed focused on their upcoming election.

So, here we are, like sitting ducks, waiting for disaster,
That could have been averted, if we'd starter sooner faster.

This short verse gives you just a glimpse of this sick story.
To understand what's happening, READ - - in all its dismal 'glory.

One click, below, will bring you straight to Grandpa Michael Hodges.
His Grandfather Economic Reports are surely no mirages.

Instead of trusting talk-show hosts who think their views are holy
Click his 'Energy Report'chapter; have patience, read it slowly.

Michael Hodges gives you FACTS - - not a pack of slinky lies
We sell nothing here but simple TRUTH, and that should please your eyes.


America's energy challenges are greater than ever - -
and we depend on supplies from others more than ever !!
- - at the same time our deficit to foreign nations for other imports are the worse on record

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