Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower

Is your head in the sand - - ignoring reality?

Don't be like the ostrich
Who sticks his head in sand
Afraid to face reality…
Afraid to take a stand!

If you're a timid soul, easily scared by painful truths - -
Don't even bother exploring these links.

  1. Are You, Also, Busy Re-arranging Deck Chairs on Our Slowly Sinking Ship?
  2. I READ IT IN THE PAPER.. (So, it must be true)
  3. To HELL With the "Global Economy"
  4. I'm Just an Average American - Why Do I Feel Like an Endangered Species?
  5. What Happened to the 40-Hour Work Week?
  6. 2 Kisses of Death for the American Dream.
  7. Looking for an Honest Congressman.
  8. America for Sale - Piece by Piece.
  9. Lay 100 Economists End to End; Soon, They'll Point in Different Directions.
  10. "Funny Money" Ain't So Funny! (Where Have My Savings Gone?)
  11. The Computer - Silicon Valley's Fabulous Trojan Horse.
  12. The Internet - Blessing or Curse?
  13. Motherhood - Still the Most Beautiful Career in the World!
  14. LOOK, LOOK!…She's Nursing a BABY!
  15. Urgent WARNING!
  16. Did They Ever Teach You THIS in School?
  17. American Fairy Tales No. 1 - Outlaw Guns and Crime Will Disappear…
  18. How to Get Rid of All Our Prisons.
  19. When Times Are Tough You Can't Eat a Football!
  20. Please Don't Get Mad If I Talk About Unions. GOOD and BAD.
  21. Illegal Immigration - Another Nail in Our Coffin.
  22. So - You Think COMMUNISM is Dead? (written when USSR collapsed)
  23. It's Time to Kill the Property Tax.
  24. Will Donald Trump Look Like This 100 Years From Now?
  25. Do You Have Any Idea What NEARLY FIFTEEN TRILLION Dollar Debt Means to you?
  26. ASSORTED BITS OF WISDOM - Lawyers - Illiterates - Work fare - Apathy.
  27. Stock Exchange - Tobacco Subsidies - Bank Rip-offs - Drunks -
  28. Need a loan?-Oily Politicos-Tolerance-Corporate Welfare-Young Fight Wars.
  29. Advertising Deceivers - Social Planners - Filth on Television - TV hyenas.
  30. Abortion - Fractured Families - Vanishing Family Farm.
  31. Sex Education - Why Are We Reaching for Stars? Richest Garbage in the World
  32. Boy!…Are You Going to Hate Me for Bringing You Even More Bad News!
  33. Welcome to the Land of National IN-Security
  34. I'M DOIN' FINE!. . . Who Wants To Hear About Other Americans' Problems?
  35. Tree Hugger
  36. Welcome to the Energy Crisis
  37. Do I Owe You an Apology? If it Will Make You Feel Better, Here it Is!

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