Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 33 -

National Security - - Priority #1WELCOME
to the Land of National IN-Security

How To LOSE Wars
on the Battlefield - -
And WIN Them in the Headlines

The FIRST TASK of Government? To see to our defense
What the media is telling us is deadly, cruel nonsense.

"Defenses are 'state-of-art' they say; that's their daily hype
Facts are proving otherwise - - they still print same old tripe.

Our mighty tanks and super-planes, equipped with 'puter brain
Can't even squash a cockroach like mad Saddam Hussein.

Multi-million dollar jets bomb from 30,000 feet
Even with super-smarty bombs, pygmy armies we can't beat.

Sad to say, with all that glitzy 'puter gadgetry
They often miss a target that's much larger than a tree.

Don't blame it on the pilots; they're all courageous boys
Defense contractors sell us planes that fly like video toys.

Saddam, the beast, is still out there - - free to kill and pillage
In Serbia our soldier boys can barely hold a village.

What ARE we doing there, fighting endless wars?
You start a fight, you fight to WIN - - not good-conduct stars.

Call back those tough, old guys who fought in World War II
they have the fighting and survival sills to tell us what to do!

Again - - you go to war, you fight to WIN - - not like in Vietnam
GIs forced to fight the 'Cong with bullets and napalm.

That was then, and this is now - - we face a different threat
(Girlies playing soldier? Don't count on them, just yet.).

Pearl Harbor happened 'yesterday'; how quickly we forget
The sneaky Japanese attacked us all with bomb and bayonet.

Don't be surprised if Russia, China, Iran, Korea and Iraq
Flex their nuclear muscles and threaten to attack.

We must prepare for 'sneak attacks', of that there's little doubt
Too few of us are shouting out, "Danger looms! Look out!

The biggest problem we now face? Defenses that don't work
No plants to manufacture armaments - - that's where dangers lurk.

In World War II we quickly converted factories for war
Sherman tanks and Liberty ships and airplanes - - more and more.

That was THEN but this is NOW - - our factories are no more
Those factories - - vital for defense, are now in Singapore,

Or China, or Japan; they've moved without a trace
They should be here - - American soil, their only proper place.

So, what must we do, right now, as dangers seem to double?
We have much less capability to keep us out of trouble.

Bring our soldiers home from hopeless tasks across the seas
(Please read Page 3 again - - in English - - not Chinese).

We have work to do, right here at home, to save America's butt
From suicidal terrorists or a maniacal nuclear nut.

Stop wasting money probing space and concentrate, at last
To save America from destruction - - we must work real fast.

I'm no a scientist or CIA intelligence-y guy
Just a man with common sense; my ideas you might try.

We must hunt down those terrorists, no matter what the cost
Kill them or they'll butcher us - - and our lovely country's lost.

The other danger - - missiles aimed at us by trading 'friends' abroad
Can't all be killed with gadgetry; each one's a Damocles sword.

I'm just an old, retired man, with scanty techni-skills
I can't tell scientists how to work their laser drills.

They have the brains to land a spacecraft anywhere in space
They surely have the brains for this - - a real survival race.

Find a way to tell the missile's guidance - - 'turn around and go back home!'
Return the enemy's deadly gift - - compliments of Nome.

What I DO know is that the danger's deadly REAL
That's why I asked you scientists to listen to my spiel.

If we Americans continue acting out like stupid sheep
The wolves will sink their teeth in us - - in daytime or asleep.

to my  fellow Americans from this 88-year old author

After our spectacular success in Iraq in 2003, I wanted to revise this poem to reflect the astonishing improvement of  air power, tanks intelligence and our heroic men and woman of all services.

But - - I was quickly reminded that a change of Administration in Washington can easily reduce our present pre-eminent military power far below what is needed in an increasingly dangerous and unpredictable world. False security can be fatal.


"Speak softly - - and carry a big stick"

The sad story of history is that people who behave like sheep are easy prey for wolves - - animal and human, alike. We must help GOD SAVE AMERICA!


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