Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 3 -

Organizing the Global Economy - - for whom???


With The

"Global Economy!"

All It Has Brought Us is - -
  • Massive Trade Deficits
  • the Loss of Millions of American Manufacturing Jobs
  • a Staggering Debt in all sectors, with nil Savings
  • a Plague of Illegal Drugs
  • and Immigration
  • less Family & Job Security
  • less Economic Security in our elder years
  • and less National Security

George Washington, wise Father of our country, WARNED us against foreign entanglements. Yet, here we are today, horribly entangled in a "One-World Global Economy" the handiwork of corrupt and greedy corporations and their blind and equally greedy allies in Congress.

Here are just a few consequences of their traitorous global scheming:

  1. Our American technology, inventions and production know-how is now in the hands of China, Japan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Bangladesh, India and other third-world countries where wages are as low as 15 cents an hour, working conditions are dreadful and child labor and prison labor a hideous reality.
  2. There is no way American workers can survive against such foreign competition.
  3. Technology can't save us. As soon as we develop another product, or a more efficient manufacturing process it quickly makes its way to Asia, Mexico, South America, etc. where a handful of American and foreign businessmen are making billions off the sweat of coolie labor, especially in China. Just look for the tiny type on the boxes of merchandise in every store in America. "Made in China, etc., etc." This is a recipe for national suicide as American factories close, workers and middle class families slowly ground down into poverty. This is NOT the America George Washington planned!
  4. Remember, too, every technological advance may produce a few computer typists grinding out paper and "information" but the automation and robotization produced by technology inevitably results in massive elimination of human workers. THINK!
  5. "Service" jobs, especially those supported by taxes, cannot long survive the erosion of their support base - - manufacturing, mining, farming, oil production, where a country's real wealth comes from. NEVER from service where money is spent and NEW money (wealth) cannot be created. Read the following pages and THINK!

The ONLY way out of this mess is to depend almost totally on our own resources. We have plenty of rich farmland, oil in Alaska, coal and natural gas, forests, factories and skilled labor, to rebuild a modest but decent standard of living. We need nothing from foreign countries. If they want some of our excess farm products, let them send their ships and bring gold as payment, not increasingly worthless paper money.

Bring our soldiers home from overseas, let them patrol our borders and put a stop to illegal immigration and, hopefully, drugs. ONE THING IS CERTAIN. . . . UNLESS WE TAKE IMMEDIATE AND DECISIVE ACTION TO TURN THINGS AROUND - AMERICA IS LOST AS A CIVILIZATION. IF YOU DOUBT ME, CONTINUE TO WATCH THE FEDERAL AND PRIVATE DEBT CLIMB TO THE STRATOSPHERE, thousands more Americans thrown out of work and into poverty and despair, and an increase in domestic and civil violence as more and more desperate adults and youngsters realize the American dream has been stolen from them.

How do I know all this? Just read the following Study, as I have, the rise and fall of great civilizations; THINK and use your common sense!

Or, do you
prefer to be
the proverbial ostrich,
that sticks its head in sand
- and sees nothing happening?


We owe more and more to foreign interests - - and their kids are smarter !!

How does this help Junior's future living standard, savings and staying out of debt?
How does this help a parent feel good about their child's future?

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