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Grandfather Economic Report
By Michael Hodges
published in the U.S.A. as a public service - - updated regularly
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Each generation hopes their children will have
more freedom and economic opportunity

Certain trends threaten their future

with precious childrenIn some ways we may be SHORT-CHANGING OUR NEXT GENERATION, but blaming it on others will not make it better. Acquiring knowledge and taking action is an individual responsibility.

This is a collection of easy-to-understand picture-reports to increase awareness of certain threats to the economic future & freedom of families and their children, compared to the past - - on family income, debt, savings, government spending, education quality, social security, regulations, taxes, inflation, energy, foreign trade and exchange, voter turnout, trust, national security, and health care.

There are so many great & positive things about our beloved America to celebrate. But, there are many negative trends. Perhaps if more are aware of the negatives even more solutions & positives will result.



<to see the real threats - in picture form>

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