Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 24 -

Look Like This
100 Years From Now?

The Donald Trumps of ages past all ended up like this
A skeleton with empty purse no ring for folks to kiss.

Could this be Alexander? Could this be Genghis Khan?
Could this be fat Napoleon? Could this be cruel King John?

The conquerors of history who strode across life's stage
Pillaging and murdering - masters of their age.

Where are they now? Where's the pomp? Where's the finery?
All gone and rotted in the grave, their lives a mockery.

See. . . ? This skeleton wears no thousand dollar suits.
No trinkets made of silver, no diamond-studded boots.

Why is his arm posturing? Is he waving down a cab?
His limousine is broken down? He has to meet Queen Mab?

Oh, you vain and greedy men, if money is your prize
Six feet of graveyard earth will make us all one size

All of us must end like this without our vanities
Without our stocks and bank accounts and life's amenities.

What gives life lasting meaning is not what we grab here
But what we leave our children, what they can hold most dear.

The joy of spreading love around, and peace and harmony
Making this a better world - a Godly Symphony!

We were not created on this earth to prey upon each other
If you want love to come to you, reach out and help your brother!

"Who is rich"? . . . He who is content with his lot." -- the Biblical Sages

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