Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
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- the man behind
"powerful verses
of ageless wisdom"*

I'm a 97-year old grandpa who, for some 42 years has been trying to wake up my apathetic neighbors to the decaying America around them.

Ben Franklin said: "Freedom of the press belongs to those who own the presses." I ain't got no presses, just the use of a photocopy machine at five cents a shot. Thank God you now have the internet but -- will people listen? I fear it's too late -- much too late.

Most Americans, buried under an avalanche of sports, soap operas, sensationalism, violence, mindless sex and other trivia -- are so brainwashed, they simply have no ability to think -- especially to think ahead for their kids and grandchildren.

I am weary from years of struggle. I have been insulted, maligned, laughed at and ignored. The idiots who have no concept of history and its unfortunate habit of repeating itself are so obsessed with their trivial lives and trivial pursuits that I frankly don't have much hope.

We are not the first civilization that will have rotted from the inside.

Harry came to America as a child from Poland, was a veteran of the Great Depression of the 1930s, acquired an excellent education when America's schools were first class, and developed his own patents and a business. Harry is a spiritual man of significant intellect with deep caring and concern regarding the future of America, its families and its young. He sees a very serious drift by his beloved America - - a drift from the intention of the nation's founders and from important core values - - a drift, he believes, that threatens the future of the nation he loves so much. He has published in newspapers about that concern, often doing so in powerful verse form.

Harry's homepage, Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower at, contains the collection of his many wise and powerful messages to young families and youth, in verse form.

Harry's email address - -


"Better a man with common sense and little education
than one stuffed with education and no common sense."


"I honor, respect and salute this man, Harry Gorman, and I'm proud to publish his works so more people may benefit from his wisdom, insight and talent. Having read my own work, the Grandfather Economic Report publication, Harry made contact and congratulated me, asking how he could help broaden its reach. I came to know Harry well, learning of his vast talents, and of his wisdom and loving concern for America's young and their future. Harry said that because I am 'a younger grandfather than he', Harry offered his life's work to me for whatever use I believed best. I decided to publish it so others might see, and learn. On the title of this page, the quotation about Harry ('a man of powerful verses of ageless wisdom') is my creation, which I fully believe."
Michael Hodges, author of the Grandfather Economic Reports ( ) -
a Graphic presentation reviewing most challenging economic and education issues facing today's generation compared to prior periods - - backed by hard data evidence,
on: Family Income, debt, savings; government spending and size, education quality, social security, regulations, taxes, inflation, productivity, foreign trade and exchange, voter turnout, trust, energy, national security, celebration, and health care/life expectancy.

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