Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 9 -

Lay 100 Economists
End to End. . . Soon
They'll Be Pointing in
Different Directions!

When I was just a boy of ten my Daddy said to me,
"Never spend more than you earn - that leads to poverty."

Now, I'm in my eighties. I look on every side,
How private folks and government have pushed that rule aside.

Young folks wasting credit cards creating monstrous debt.
They do not think, until too late - obligations must be met..

Those in private business, too, those with business sense,
Would stay away from schemes that leave them hanging on the fence.

In Government you'll find the very worst. . their jobs are sweet as honey;
All day long they hand out gobs of other peoples' money.

But, just as bad? ECONOMISTS! - they sing their siren song,
And, most of their predictions are all too often wrong!

They rarely mention that we stagger under multi-trillion debt
Manufactured by our Government - the greatest wasters yet.

Late in life I still remember Daddy's words to me,
"Never spend more than you earn, that leads to poverty."

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