Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 7 -

Diogenes - - looking for an hones manDiogenes Looking
For an Honest Congressman…

This ancient Greek philosopher would walk through the streets of Athens,
holding up a lantern to the faces of strangers -- looking for an honest man.

When we elect our congressmen or senators, they vow,
To represent us honestly; no waste will they allow!

But, look-ee here, the laws they pass - they don't help us at all.
Endless rules and regulations just tie us in a ball!

Do the laws the heap on us apply to them as well?
NO!. . . They vote themselves fat raises; we can go to Hell.

Power soon corrupts them; soon forget who sent them there.
Thomas Jefferson warned us that such "public servants" do not care.

So, what to do? What to do?. . . Running costs much money
Only the rich can pay their way - Result? Not very funny!

Special interest groups infest the Congress day and night,
Demanding that they get their "pork", be it wrong or right.

Oh, they lead a lovely, well-fed life; to them it's a career,
But we, the sucker-taxpayers, have little cause to cheer.

They retire on fat pensions asking why we make a fuss,
Leave us shocked and angry how they bamboozled us.

Our Founding Fathers did not want an aristocracy:
Forty years a congressman is not democracy.

Serve six years and say "goodbye"; we'll thank you for your work.
You now have good experience for job as lawyer's clerk!

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