Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 5 -

What Happened to

The 40-Hour

Work Week?

production investments flying ot other places
Why did I move my factory to other countries?
Who needs American workers
- - when I can get others for 15 cents an hour?

In the 1950's life was great in the good old U.S.A.
Father worked his factory job and earned a good day's pay.

Dad was breadwinner then and Mother worked at home.
Caring for young children; didn't let them roam.

The 40-hour work-week was a fairly common fact.
Father's income was enough; the family never lacked.

Then, something terrible happened here to turn things upside down.
They moved our factories overseas -- our workers left to drown.

The greedy men in business and in Congress, too.
Set up plants where work was cheap - - China to Timbuctoo.

How can workers here compete with China's coolie pay?
They can't and now must face a new and dismal day.

Father's role as breadwinner has disappeared forever.
Now it takes a lot more hours to keep family together.

The last few years our Government has told a monstrous LIE.
That our economy was doing great -- recession we'd defy.

But -- IF the economy's doing great and everything is stable,
How come Mom and Pop must work to put food upon the table?

Now, Dad works two low-pay jobs; Mom is working too.
There are bills to pay and costs are high so, what's a soul to do?

Millions of good factory jobs have vanished overseas.
The 40-hour week is gone -- American Dream? -- "Deep-freeze"!


Big Government, its taxes and the inflation it creates - -
keep us working more for less - - instead of working less for more,
as it used to be - -

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