Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 4 -

I'm Just an Average American

. . . Why Do I Feel Like
An Endangered Species?

I'm middle class, work very hard, to save and pay my bills.
Unlike the rich or very poor, my wealth lies in my skills.

The rich have ample money; the poor want more, by heck
Each time they get a "benefit" I get it in the neck.

Self-reliance, America first and plain morality?
They've become four-letter words in our vocabulary.

These priceless tools are values that made America strong
If you think another system's better, history proves you wrong.

Oh, shades of Egypt, Greece and Rome -- grew old and died away
Yet, how could WE, in so few years, have come to such decay?

Shameful waste in government, low morals, endless greed
Are turning us to corpses where maggots come to feed.

the boss said I have been fired !!
Last week my boss announced
he had to "downsize" our company.
Today he told me I was FIRED!
Ever since America was settled, the "average American" has been the backbone of our strength - - hard-working farmers, craftsmen, tradesmen, small manufacturers all pulling themselves up into the MIDDLE CLASSES -as distinguished from the born-rich aristocracy that was so typical of European society.

It was the middle classes that energized our country creating thousands of small and then, large businesses that employed millions of hard-working Americans, who could finally afford a life-style undreamed of by their immigrant ancestors.

Now, we've given away our technology and production know-how to third-world countries where people (including children) labor for 15 cents an hour. Impossible to compete!

When you destroy the middle classes you destroy America!

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