Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 34 -

Who Wants To Hear
About Other Americans' Problems?

"I read it in the paper! - - Americans doing well"
"Some are even billionaires!" (What story does that tell?).

Think you can drift along - - dining out, no thought for others giving
While millions of Americans can't survive just scratching out a living?

"I've got mine, to heck with you" - - that won't fly anymore
History has a bloody way of evening out such score.

You cannot insulate yourself from trouble down the road
Would it surprise you to see even Americans explode?

If you still believe we're doing great; our economy is stable
How come Mom and Pop both must work - - to put food upon the table?

If this is still your staunch belief, the outside world a blank
Realty will soon hit you like a 10-ton Sherman tank.

John Donne, English poet, wrote in 1635
Such words of basic wisdom - - wish he were still alive.

He said: "No man is an island entirely unto itself."
(No man can live his private life just thinking of himself)

It is very likely that you're simply not aware
America's in major trouble - - our leaders don't seem to care!

If you're concerned about your children's prospects and vocation
It's wise for you to stop right here for a cyber-education

The verses on this web site tell how our country really IS
Michael Hodges' FACTS [the Grandfather Economic Report series] will make you gasp "I didn't know! Gee whiz!"

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