Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 32 -

Boy! . . . Are You Going
To Hate Me For Bringing
Up Even More Bad News!

But, for God's Sake . .Don't Kill the Messenger!

It is a fact that when a king
Received bad news he dreaded
In his rage he bellowed
"Have the messenger beheaded!"

The poor man had done no wrong;
He did not MAKE the news
Bringing it to bloody kings
Was not the way he'd choose.

So. . . people fear a prophet
His message they despise
Because the truth is painful
They'd rather feed on lies


you know awheeler-dealer when you see oneThus could be the composite face of all the presidents, prime ministers, legislators, global wheeler-dealers in finance, industry and the MEDIA - who are feeding us soothing syrup (lies) that all's well with America. All is NOT well. Unless you are so fearful of the truth that you are content to put yourself into a state of permanent denial - - READ. . . STUDY . . . THINK!

Nuclear weapons are entering a new and frightful era. Republics of the former USSR are widely suspected of selling their technical expertise, as well as parts of their arsenal.; China has supplied nuclear and missile technology to Iran, Syria and Pakistan; and American companies sell computer technology that can be used for mass-destruction weapons. The possibilities for terrorism are staggering.: imagine the devastation if the World Trade Center or Oklahoma City bombs had been nuclear. All it takes is a soda can full of plutonium to fuel a nuclear weapon. Senator Dick Lugar tried in vian to sound this alarm during the Republican presidential primaries but neither Dole nor Clinton picked it up. Why? Mass annihilation is a big bummer. Anxious about domestic concerns, Americans don't want to face up to new global threats.

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