Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 30 -

Assorted Bits of Wisdom
from the University of Common Sense
- - continued - -

or Population Control

(Take Your Choice)

Many call it "Murder on Demand"

That Godly spark of life that grows inside the womb
Should not be lightly torn away and sent off to its doom

I hate abortion. But, I hate STARVATION even more. As you read this, there are millions of people - - mostly infants and children, all over the world - - undernourished or starving, with little hope for a stable life or future - - even with the help of splendid organizations like Catholic Charities and Save The Children, which feed multitudes but cannot possibly nourish them into healthy maturity and permanent self-sufficiency. Their countries CANNOT AFFORD TO FEED and SUSTAIN them ALL!

Let's be realistic about a basic human instinct -- reproduction. If you want to practice your own religious doctrine to "be fruitful and multiply" - - fine - - but please, please YOU take care of all those children you produce. Don't push them onto "Government." Don't expect the rest of us to support them. Government statistics say it costs about $161,000 to raise a child to young adulthood - - even before college. It's simply not fair to put such a burden on your neighbor-taxpayers.

The problem of unwanted children can be solved in only two ways. To young boys and girls you must preach, teach and advocate ABSTINENCE until marriage for their emotional health and physical safety. The hideous television, movie and music role models they are exposed to and whom they eagerly copy, are producing hundreds of thousands of unwanted, unloved and unsupportable babies. This on-going disaster - - and massive child abuse - - must be addressed by responsible people in the family, (where it exists) the churches and the media. (Another "solution" is adoption)

The other more important solution is to make available, free, or at very modest cost, complete FAMILY PLANNING and birth-control information and devices to married couples and to adults who choose single-hood over marriage and will engage in sex, whether we like it or not. This is realism, not wishful thinking or self-delusion.

And, about those overheated young punks who help themselves
to what today's liberated maidens so readily hand out, I suggest this:

Go out and find that selfish bum - - the guy who spilled the jelly
The vanished father of the child that's swelling Nelly's belly.

Make HIM support his baby child, and not the rest of us
Responsibility's something he must learn; there's nothing to discuss!

Keep in touch with mother, father, sister, brother, granny, uncle, aunt
A family, once uprooted, is impossible to replant.

Fractured families roam the land, looking for success
It's here!. . .Look inside yourself -- and find true happiness!

The work was hard, the hours long, on the ancient family farm
There never was a better place to keep our kids from harm.

They did their chores in house and barn as one big family
And learned the value of real work and r e s p o n s i b i b i t y.

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