Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 25 -

Do You Have An Idea What
of Federal Government Debt
Means to Your Family?

"Don't alarm the pee-pul. . . They are too dumb to understand, anyway. Just keep on feeding them the baloney that that we are "the richest nation in the world." - even though there is no way we can pay back such a monstrous Federal debt in our lifetime or in that of our children.

Wanna bet?

"A fool and his money are soon parted" "A spendthrift government and its money are soon parted"

"Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat its mistakes."


And - that's most dangerous.

  • See - - the Federal Government Debt Report, showing not only did
    the government increase debt since 1990 more than it did in the nation's entire
    history before then, but last year it hit ANOTHER RECORD.
    And, foreign interests now own 47% of all our treasuries
    . All this new
    debt was created during peace-time, and all debt was caused by social spending,
    a role of government not ordained by our nation's founders. This means all this debt
    did not create assets - - the money was consumed, and it's gone forever.
  • And, the federal government's past 'love of debt' has INFECTED the private sector.
    - - See the America's Total Debt Report, showing $57 Trillion in total debt - -
    as the household, business and financial sectors of our economy are going deeper
    into debt than ever before - - weakening our families and our nation
    . Each added
    dollar of debt is producing a diminishing amount of GDP.
  • See - - the Grandfather International Trade Report, showing our
    ballooning debt to foreign interests, as our manufacturing base is sucked out
    or foreign-controlled
    . A real danger to our nation, as we have become
    the greatest international debtor nation in history
    - -
    because foreigners produce what we want,
    which we buy not by our own production but by going deeper into debt
    - -
    and we produce less and less goods that they want.
  • And - we spent all our trust fund surpluses on other stuff - - not saving it for what
    it was intended
    - - as shown in the Deficit Surplus Report. $2.4 trillion of social security
    surplus cash that came in from over-taxed workers, intended to be saved for future retirees,
    was all spent - - only a bunch of non-marketable IOUs remain - - with no plan to pay it back.
    And they told us, "we want to save social security first," as they drained the trust fund of its
    cash as fast as it arrived - - and spent it on other stuff having zero to do with pensions. The
    Social Security Report has more, also showing today's workers pay much higher social
    security rates than today's seniors when they were working with less to show.

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