Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 23 -

To Kill
The Property Tax!
Colonial woman beating tax collector who's trying to take her cow
Of all the idiotic taxes laid upon your back
The worst is on your FAMILY HOME, even if a shack

"If you cannot pay your taxes we'll take away your home!"
Here's the kind of tyranny that smacks of ancient Rome.

Our Constitution guarantees us freedom and much more
Now, fighting for our freedom is a never-ending war.

Tax-looters have their claws in us and we can't get them out
Our legislators are to blame of that there is no doubt.

School taxes, and many others, have us by the throat
Cruel demands by unions make it hard to keep afloat

Why do we behave like sheep? Why don't we get mad?
Why do we keep tolerating the evil and the bad?

Even in societies, confused and helter-skelter
We are among the very few who put a tax on SHELTER!


Property taxes help fund run-away government - -

  • See - - the Grandfather Tax Report, showing we now work 5.3
    months per year to cover government, compared to 1.4 months
    our not so distant past.
    That's 3 time longer working for government.
    How does that help family strength and freedom of choice?
  • Also, see the State & Local Government Spending Report
    - - showing their employees increase faster than general population,
    year after year
    We all know each family must support more and more seniors than
    ever before - - but few know families also must support more state
    and local government employees
    than ever before. Double Whammy!!

  • How does that help more moms stay at home to properly raise Junior?
  • How does that help family living standards, savings and staying out of debt?

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