Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 22 -

So!. .

You Think


Is Dead? . . .

Don't shout "Hallelujah", Communism's dead!"
It would have died out long ago; it's WE who kept it fed!

For more than seven decades we sold to "Gorky Street"
Every kind of implement, technology and wheat.

Oh, you greedy businessman, you oily politician!
How COULD you deal with enemies, to further your ambition?

In Nature, do you ever see the jackal and the lamb
Frolicking together, sharing bread and jam?

No blood bath in Korea; no Vietnam, no Mylai
Perhaps not even Hitler, if we'd let their dogma die.

Instead, for short-term profit (for PROFIT, not for bread)
We sold our souls to Satan and helped the cancer spread.

We ruined ourselves financially, spent trillions on defense
Against a paper tiger WE had propped against a fence.

Now, my fellow-countrymen, Pandora's box is open.
Take a careful look inside and see what History's spoken.

Tortured lands that broke away from Moscow's failing grip
Are finding that the "freedom road's" a rough and thorny trip.

What lies ahead? It's hard to tell but LEARN FROM HISTORY
The reasons nations rise and fall are not a mystery.

Freedom doesn't grow on trees; it takes sweat and dedication
A moral code and sacrifice to build a moral nation

WHO will teach those robot slave to better their condition?
To generate INITIATIVE; to bring to life AMBITION?

What I fear, since time is short and mankind's patience thin
In times of stress and disarray a DICTATOR steps in!

So, don't shout "Hallelujah, the danger's at an end!"
Until you study History and guess what's 'round the bend.

P.S. Here we are, repeating the same suicidal scenario with our other communist "friends" in China. We give them "most-favored nation" trade status, invest billions in their slave industries, flood our markets with cheap-labor Chinese goods and continue to throw thousands of Americans out of work. What have our leaders learned from history? . . .NOTHING!. . . Greed rules their lives and they are destroying America.

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