Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 21 -


Immigration. . .

Another Nail

In Our Coffin

I understand the feelings of the desperate and poor
But, ILLEGAL immigration is an open, running sore.

Our ancestors fled their homes and problems overseas
We cannot bring the whole world here or cure the world's disease!

When I came here in '22, a frightened boy of seven
Ellis Island in New York Bay looked to us like Heaven.

They kept my family there, five full days, because I had a cold
To rule out tuberculosis - that's what we were told.

Immigration laws were tougher then and they were crystal-clear
There was no welfare waiting, no handouts or free beer.

You had to work and make your way the good, old-fashioned way
If you didn't feel like working you didn't eat that day.

Now, they're swarming through our borders and more on every plane
The word has gotten 'round the world that we have gone insane

They come in by the millions, the pregnant and the sick
The bleeding hearts demand of us we care for them, damn quick!

And that's the way a country like the once-great U.S.A.
Destroys our children's future by giving it all away.

Times are hard, frontiers are gone, it's hard to find GOOD work.
Can we support more millions now? Immigration gone berserk?

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