Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 20 -

Please Don't Get Mad
If I Talk About
UNIONS, Good and BAD!

Unions were invented to fill an urgent need
To curb rapacious businessmen who fattened up on greed.

Those who worked long hours and very little pay
Slowly built a better life - a bit more time for play.

Alas, some unions, all too soon, forgot their noble calling
Goof-off-itis and gimme-itis sees their numbers falling.

Lean and hungry foreigners on farm and factory
Are teaching them a costly course in productivity

Your work is not competitive? The buyer you can't please?
So, what has happened to your job?. . . Moving overseas!

When you destroy the businessman who brings prosperity
You destroy, not just yourself, but all your progeny.

What future will they have with factories padlocked shut?
Who will give them decent jobs? Who will save their butt?

Once we were the leaders in all of foreign trade
Manufactured almost everything -- EXPORTED what we made.

Now?. . . We've lost our factories. . . technology's going, too
Good jobs getting hard to find; WHAT will young folks do?

Government workers, teachers' unions, force their will on us
The damage they do taxpayers is truly scandalous.

Don't confuse me with the facts; my mind is crystal clear
Our leaders say we're doing great. . . I'll go and have a beer.

Well!. . . If you're too busy having fun, your common sense asleep
Reality will soon find you out and fleece you like a sheep!

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