Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 2 -

Is the paper always true? No Way!I READ IT IN THE PAPER..

(So, it must be true)

"Freedom of the press belongs
To those who own the presses."

Old Ben Franklin said it right, his Almanack professes,
"Freedom of the press belongs, to those who own the presses."

I was a printer all my life, and know how papers work
Until you learn the simple truth, they'll treat you like a jerk

Newspapers are businesses, like any local store
They're in it for the profit -- for that, and nothing more

Reporters who write learnedly, about politics and crime
Are folks like us who put on pants, one pant-leg at a time

They wield enormous power, even more now than before
When William Randolph Hearst dragged America into war

Mega-corps are buying up, everything in sight
The rare, small honest publisher? . . . Kiss him fond "good night"

Stop and think a bit, how a news story gets printed
It's not a mystery to guys like me, and how the truth is tinted

A brash reporter guy or gal writes a hurried piece
The editor puts his slant on it, and marks it "quick release"

The typesetter sets up pages, from there onto a press
And papers pour out in a flood - - an "information mess"

Then you, dear reader, swallows it and thinks it's Holy Writ
Are newsmen smarter than we are?…Not one tiny bit!

But, they have this tool to twist our minds and use it every day
To boost their circulation -- that's the game they play

So, don't believe all that you read -- trust your common sense
Search for FACTS on the INTERNET -- now your best defense

Remember -- Just as delis sell you bagels and pastrami
Newspapers peddle news that's more baloney than salami

Remember Franklin's sound advice; avoid brainwashing messes
"Freedom of the press belongs to those who own the presses"


The Newspapers lead you to believe - -

The Era of Big Government is over Inflation is Dead
They are running a surplus Education Quality is Great
They paid down total federal debt Productivity is greatest ever
More trade competitive than ever Less regulated economy than ever
Taxes are down Social Security surpluses are still there
Best healthcare in the world Family Incomes growing like crazy

and they tell you even more falsehoods

The above is all BULL!!!

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