Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 18 -

How to Get Rid
Of All Our Prisons!

As our economy and moral values go from bad to worse
The only thing that's sure to grow is our "criminal curse".

Rapists, killers, thugs and thieves - all candidates for Hell
Can only be removed by us to a costly prison cell.

The prisons that are standing now are bursting at the seams
Building costly new ones is just adding useless schemes.

To "rehabilitate" this social trash who spit upon our laws,
Is a futile "social enterprise" that's full of fatal flaws.

40,000 bucks it costs to house and feed this scum
Here you'll find a cheaper way to process every bum.

Make a deal with Turkey, Bangladesh, Iran or Singapore;
For half the price in Yankee bucks they'll take them all
- and more.

House them in their jolly jails - full terms with no parole
And work their backsides to the bone, until we reach our goal.

If you choose crime as your career and prey on honest folk
I don't care what shaped your life; your actions are no joke.

You do the crime, you'll do the time - not in lavish jails
But, in a foreign prison where food tastes more like nails.

No country can survive the foolish bleeding heart
Who coddles hardened criminals, tearing us apart.

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