Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 17 -

American Fairy Tales - No. 1

Outlaw Guns
and Crime
Will Disappear!. . .

when people lived in caves 20,000 years ago, when people lived in caves
Some behaved with decency and some behaved like knaves.

No automatic rifles then, no pistols, no grenades
But, they used lethal weapons when neighbors they would raid.

Rocks and clubs and knives of stone and other deadly tools
To rob and rape or murder any UNRESISTING fools.

The moral of this story is - some CHOOSE a vile career
To prey upon their neighbors
, for punishment they don't fear.

Often judges are too scared to throw the law at them
All too soon they're out of jail to take up their mayhem.

Criminals always get their guns FROM HOODLUMS ON THE STREET
Banning guns means NOTHING for they'll still control their beat.

Criminal bums infest the street; police have lost their grip
The "criminal" justice system gives good citizens the slip.

Lawyers, judges, congressmen - their roles are scandalous
The Law protects the criminal but - WHO'S protecting US?

THROW THE BASTARDS INTO JAIL and toss the key away
Or, send them off to Bangladesh where "justice" still holds sway.


When you outlaw the CAREER CRIMINAL and TAKE HIM OUT OF CIRCULATION then - and only then, will crime "disappear". Anything short of that is playing games in which we, the law-abiding public are always the losers. . . (Use common sense instead of wishful thinking and text book solutions.)

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