Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 16 -

Did they Ever
Teach You THIS
In School? . . .
manufacturing - - necessary to any economy

I cannot ever understand how people fail to see
That our country's lasting wealth comes from INDUSTRY.

Industry means the farmer, the miner and manufactured goods
Real wealth comes from soil and factories and forests full of woods.

You take those raw materials - add labor, money, skill
And, out comes a new PRODUCT - a businessman can bill.

In that product is an element that wasn't there before.
Its proper name is "PROFIT" - and that's the bottom score.

Worker, boss and government in this brand-NEW wealth can share
And that's how lasting wealth is born - there is no secret there!

If you destroy this vital link the system goes amiss.

Not in ANY service job is REAL money to be found
All you see is same old money going 'round and 'round.

But, Government keeps spending on, without a care or thought
That all those useful programs must be paid for when they're bought.

Millions of PRODUCTIVE jobs have vanished overseas
Technology is no answer; unemployment it can't ease.

So, Uncle Sam prints money - more useless every day
Or borrows countless billions and promises to pay.

The reason we have deficits and multi-TRILLION debts
Is that we spend much more on services than America nets

Economists who say "don't worry" are selling you illusion
Consult your sturdy common-sense and dissipate confusion.

If this destructive pattern you continue to endorse
BANKRUPTCY IS A PASSENGER on that "cart-before-the horse."

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