Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 11 -

The Computer -
Silicon Valley's

Long ago the ancient Greeks fought ten long years with Troy
They couldn't breach their city walls and came up with this ploy

They built a giant wooden horse and left it on the bight,
And sailed their battle ships away as though they'd lost the fight

Those clever Greeks had hollowed out the horse's giant belly
And hid inside soldiers trained to hack their foes to jelly.

Trusting Trojans, thinking that the Greeks had left a gift,
Wheeled the horse inside their walls to give their folks a lift.

When nighttime came, the fleet sneaked back, and all of Troy asleep
The Greeks crept out of hiding and slaughtered them like sheep.

Today, please heed my warning cry, "Beware computer gift!
"It's just another Trojan horse - stay tuned; you'll get my drift"

Silicon Greeks have gifted us another 'puter horse
It looks so modern, sleek and bright, how can it cause us loss?

For all its wondrous magic, such as sending men to space,
Or, rushing information 'round the world at dazzling pace

Behind this great invention many evils lurk.
Microchip technology throwing people out of work

Why hire men and women who need wages and much more,
When computer gadgets turn a human into needless dinosaur?

New technologies are earning their inventors tons of gold.
Each one creates more unemployed - such magic leaves me cold.

So, don't be quick to shout "Hurrah! Information Age is here!"
With factories closing down by droves, THERE IS NO CAUSE TO CHEER!

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