Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 10 -

"Funny Money"

Ain't So Funny!

have my
Life Savings

"Funny Money" is the name to print on every bill,
There is no GOLD to back it in the Federal till.

The more they print the less it's worth "INFLATION" is the name.
No civilization can survive this suicidal game.

Inflation is a foul disease that ruins the middle classes.
Its cause is wasteful government and bureaucratic asses.

They spend more money than we earn, then run to banks and borrow,
Or print more pretty currency that's worth much less tomorrow.

That's how deficits are caused - by inept Congressional clucks,
Adding to our Federal debt - close to SIX TRILLION deadly bucks.

Your paycheck looks so dandy? - - Three times more than before?
What good's a swollen paycheck when things cost three times more?

Stand still, stand still, little sheep, so we can all be shorn.
The looters have their claws in us as soon as we are born

Inflation steals our savings; tax rip-offs take the rest.
We'd like to lead productive lives but - maybe welfare's best?

My Grandpa sez - -My grandpa sez he remembers when milk was 9 cents a quart. He also sez, "Don't be surprised if, in a couple of years it will cost 5 bucks a quart!". . . .I guess he's gettin' old and soft in the head, so I just tell him "DON'T WORRY, GRAMPS.
See? I don't worry about nuttin!"

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