Grandpa Gorman's Cleansing Shower
- chapter 13 -

your family is your treasureMotherhood

Still the most beautiful career in the world

a verse by Harry Gorman

Behold today's young mother;
She works from nine to five
Then dashes home to verify
Her kids are still alive.
Liberated women shout
That staying at home's a bore:
They're wrong as anyone can see
'Cause motherhood's no chore.
Scoops them up at daycare:
Sends nanny on her way,
Whips up a hasty supper
Tells the kids to play
Don't complain that mothering
Leaves little time to play
Even lowly chimpanzees
Watch their baby chimps all day.
When you come home all tired out
From stressful days at work
How can you be a mother-wife?
Love's duty you must shirk.
Don't be a slave to fashion,
Don't yield to every whim
Food on golden platters
Tastes no better than on tin.
When a child is very young
(a most important time)
Not bonding with a mother
Is a maternal crime.
Costly paintings on the walls
Or jewels around your neck
Cannot compare in value
With a family, by heck.
But if you work to pay the bills,
'Cause everything's so high,
That reason for career is
The only one to buy.
A mother's love, that priceless gift
A nanny can't supply
If you won't raise your kids yourself
It's hardly wise to try.
But if you work for useless frills,
What some regard as pleasure,
Choose instead a simpler life
Your family is your treasure.
Once your child is old enough
To trust all on its own
You've taught the proper values
No wild oats to be sown.
TV sets in every room,
Three cars in the garage
Without a loving family
It's all a fool's mirage.
Then to find "fulfillment"
You seek a new career
By all means go and find it
No critics need you fear.

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